SCREENING with director TREASA O’BRIEN in discussion on 4 MAY 2017 in WEST CORK ARTS CENTRE



Eat Your Children had its AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE last week on 6 Oct as part of the exhibition Radical Actions, RMIT Gallery,  Melbourne.  It screened as a double bill with Rocky Road to Dublin (dir. Peter Lennon, 1968), a film which inspired O’Brien and O’Leary. When they were making EYC they said they wanted to make their generation’s Rocky Road.

…  and another irish screening is coming up in DUBLIN: The Progressive Film Club at The New Theatre, Essex Street, 29 Oct 2016.   This theatre is part of the wonderful Connolly Books, and a fitting place for EYC to screen, in the good company of radical Irish political literature.

Eat Your Children is screening at the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival on Sunday 29 Nov at 6pm.  Directors Treasa O’Brien and Mary Jane O’Leary will be in attendance at the festival and will be travelling to Lesvos afterwards to lend their solidarity to those fleeing war and seeking refuge.

Eat Your Children is screening as part of a programme ‘Images at Different Times of Crisis’, curated by Eirini Avramapoulou.  Read more about the programme here:


EYC’s precocious prototype on Hot Press

Eat Your Children Hot Press Image




The Film Essay…

“The film essay enables the filmmaker to make the ‘invisible’ world of thoughts and ideas visible in the screen. Unlike the documentary film that presents facts and information, the essay film produces complex thought – reflections that are not necessarily bound to reality, but can also be contradictory, irrational, and fantastic.”

– Hans Richter in Nora Alter, “Memory Essays”


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